About the Urban Peace and Justice Movement

20160507_194333.jpgThe Urban Peace and Justice Movement and similar efforts came together and culminated in historical cease fires, truces, violence interventions, city wide peace movements and peace treaties in many major cities throughout the United States. 

First came Detroit in 1986, mired in a murder rate of 653, the mother of the contemporary Urban Peace and Justice Movement, Clementine Barfield organized several parents of murdered children and hit the streets with robust programmatic solutions. Then came Chicago, which had at the time, one of the highest homicide rates in the United States.  It experienced a 10 year drop in homicides and gang related violence following the summits, but the promised peace dividends did not materialize and the homicides rose to their current level. Then came California, home to some of the most earth shattering gang violence in the country.  Many of the spiritual leaders from these major cities throughout the United States convened in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, New York and Washington, D.C. in order to develop a consensus on how to best approach these efforts.  Thanks to many of the leaders that are alive today, and those that are incarcerated, as well as those that have made the transition, we were able to establish with faith and community based organizations, a national movement that was responsible for what we called an urban peace initiative.

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