Man Up! Guns Down! Urban Peace and Justice Detroit Style!

Quote of the night from NOI minister Mouchettee Muhammad: “It took a Miracle (meaning murdered 6 month old Miracle Murray) to bring Negro’s together!” …….and we were together. NAACP, Nation of Islam, New Garvey Movement, MOMC, Thou Shalt not Kill, New ERA Detroit, Black Family Developnent, Flip the Script, Crime Stoppers, It Takes a Village Ya’ll, LIP, CAC, National Action Network, DPD, the Mayor’s office, Detroit 300, warriors on Wheel, Detrout Parent Network, College Park Neighborhood Association, Cease-Fire Detroit, The Hip-Hop Caucus, Trick-Trick…..I mean err body! Politician, Poet Preacher, Police, Activist, Judges…..Err Body! Mama Clementine Barfield would have been sooo proud….”

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