Detroit 300 on a Mission to Catch the Lame that Shot a 9 month old Baby with a AK-47!!

We will catch this lame!  The streets are screaming information on this one!

Read this Article about Detroit 300 initiative

The Detroit 300, a community activist group, announced Thursday that it will begin weekly patrols in the city’s most violent areas in response to the recent murder of a 9-month-old boy.

“We’re going to send a message to these guys that it’s no longer allowed to victimize children, to victimize women,” said Che Daniels, secretary for Detroit 300. “We have individuals that are running around and choose to shoot recklessly into a home … but don’t feel enough remorse and sorrow to turn themselves in.

“We’re going to come looking for you.”

Police don’t have any suspects in the death of Delric Miller IV, who was shot around 4:20 a.m. Monday when his west-side house was sprayed with about 40 bullets.

Detroit police are working with the FBI; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department on the case.

Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens said Wednesday that any help from citizens is appreciated.

Angelo Henderson, vice president and co-founder of Detroit 300 and local radio talk show host, said the plan is to knock on doors and look for clues that can lead to an arrest in the case.

The initiative is called “One Hour of Power.”

“I don’t believe heavy gang bangers believe a 9-month-old should be killed,” Henderson said.

“We’re going to try to appeal to their hearts.”

Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown said he applauds the efforts because there needs to be a culture shift in the city to put an end to the violence.

“It’s going to take the community to be outraged, to get involved and to make sure that everyone understands that this is not normal … and it won’t be tolerated,” said Brown, a former police deputy chief.

Detroit 300 looking for murderer of 9 month old

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